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In the small Southern California town of San Mercury, a botched robbery in a pizza joint parking lot involving two young black men and a white man leaves one black man dead. The incident rocks the citizens to their core. Was it race-related or just a tragic accident?
Detectives James Ferrian and William Larson are on a mission to find out, but others in town are jumping at the chance to come to their own conclusions. Black activist Rev. Leasure Woods turns the incident into a selfish publicity opportunity, while one of the witnesses is bound and determined to twist the nightís events to her own satisfaction. But what none of them can know is how the robbery opens wounds thought to be long healed from ten years ago. Mysterious phone calls to Washington, DC, and a shaded past only deepen the mystery. When the small town quickly turns into a battlefield, strange alliances are made and friendships are tested.
Where there is no right or wrong no black and white the best you can hope for is A Shade of Gray.
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R.J. Hall is currently writing the sequal to "A Shade of Gray". The first draft of "A Shade of Red" is now complete and R.J. is currently in the rewriting stage.
A Shade of Gray
A Shade of Red

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"...itís a tribute to Hall that heís woven them so well into his fast-moving, action-packed novel. Hallís novel is a bit slow starting. But once it picks up, it moves at a page-turning pace as secrets get revealed and characters show their true colors."
--ForeWord Clarion Review